Luxury Buffet…


BEnticing gourmet selection of luxurious & tempting fillings!

A selection savouries

Luxury Mixed Mini Savoury Lattices
Gourmet Mini Mixed Sausage Turnovers
Served with Apple & Autumn Chutney
Chicago Style Canapés
Crunchy Salad & Dips

Selection of Sandwiches, Baguettes & Crostini

Crostini with Marinated Minted Lamb
Homemade Coronation Chicken
Brie & Grape
Tuna, Cheddar & Crunchy Red Onion
Cheddar Cheese with Apple, Grapes & Celery

Luxury Fruits of Forest Slice or Exotic Mixed Fruit Slice

£8.95 per head (excl VAT)